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Which effect is better, incision and skin drawing or ultrasonic knife

Aging is a woman’s helpless sigh. With the growth of age, the loss of facial collagen, loose skin, canthus and crow’s feet emerge. Even if you wipe more and more expensive skin care products, you still can’t resist aging. Therefore, many people will choose wrinkle removal surgery, skin incision and ultrasonic knife. What would you choose?

Facial wrinkle removal is becoming more and more humanized, reducing the risk, improving the technology, and making more people young and beautiful. The following Xiaobian will introduce two kinds of wrinkle removal techniques to you. Netizens can compare them by themselves!

Incision and skin pulling

Most of the early rhytidectomy operations are surgery and skin pulling. The great advantage is that it looks almost 10 years younger after operation, especially for the older people with serious facial deformities. Although the postoperative effect is good, its risk is also high, such as disfigurement, facial deformity, loss of sensation, facial nerve paralysis and so on; For those who seek beauty, they can only stop.

ultrasound knife

The ultrasonic scalpel is non-invasive, painless and has obvious effect. The focused ultrasonic system is used to improve the treatment depth and stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, so as to improve the skin quality, tighten the facial contour, lift and shape, eliminate wrinkles and other effects. Its safety performance is very high, there are no side effects after operation, and the maintenance time is long. It is also deeply loved and praised by people.

Medicine is getting better and better, and the technology of becoming beautiful is getting closer and closer to painless and traceless, so girls know how to choose!

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