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What should be paid attention to after HIFU treatment machine operation?

After pulling the skin with HIFU treatment machine, you must do a good job in moisturizing and nursing.

Try not to wear heavy make-up, but some light make-up;

Wash your face often, but pay attention to using warm water, neither too cold nor too hot. Try not to press hard when washing your face to avoid the tingling feeling caused by pressing;

Avoid spicy and other irritant foods in diet, and neither tobacco nor alcohol. Eat more fruits and vegetables and light food

After treatment, there may be slight redness, deep edema, small tingling, facial numbness, etc., which are normal and mild temporary reactions (generally recovered in 7-15 days). This is a very good phenomenon. There is a response from the skin to receive stimulation. There is no need to worry. This response is enough to ensure that collagen cells are stimulated and regenerated, After recovery, the effect is guaranteed. This phenomenon will normally be eliminated in 5-7 days, which varies from person to person, and some individuals will recover for a longer time;

It is also normal for some people to feel a slight numbness on their face after recovery, which is related to individual skin differences and excess energy during operation. This does not affect the recovery effect, and will slowly disappear after 2-3 weeks;

After treatment, avoid going in and out of high fever environment, such as three warmth, sauna, yoga, etc., so as not to affect the treatment effect;

Pay attention to temporarily avoid sunlight, especially exposure, and use sunscreen to protect your skin when you go out.

Use mild moisturizer after HIFU treatment machine. Reduce sun exposure. Although there is no need to prevent sunlight after ultrasonic knife, it is recommended to reduce sunlight as much as possible to prevent light aging. After the ultrasonic knife, please do not take a bath with hot water within a week (only water not exceeding body temperature). After the ultrasonic knife, pay attention not to take a hot spring and sauna for a week. Avoid intense exercise. Within three months, oral administration of a certain amount of multi-stage kinetic peptide of yanyijingkesu.

Skin beauty has never been achieved overnight, but accumulated slowly. Precautions and nursing after ultrasonic scalpel are the key. Keeping it in a good state can reflect the effect of ultrasonic scalpel and avoid side effects. This is also the reason why some people have no effect or side effects after ultrasonic scalpel.

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