What is the principle of ultrasonic knife?

Many people are concerned about the effect of ultrasonic knife. What are the risks of ultrasonic knife? Who are not suitable for ultrasonic knife?

Cosmetic principle of ultrasonic knife

The principle and process of ultrasonic knife is to use a special sound wave conductor to transmit the high-energy ultrasonic wave released from the skin surface to the bottom of the skin. Then the ultrasonic wave will vibrate back and forth between the target cells at a high speed, and the skin cells will be damaged with the temperature rise. Then the skin cells can repair themselves better by relying on the repair ability, which can have the effect of lifting the skin as a whole.

Risk of ultrasonic scalpel

Uneven in quality, Chinese mainland has copyrighted copycat versions of many genuine ultrasound knives. Many beauty lovers don’t know that the Ulthera ultrasonic knife is currently approved by FDZ. It is not authorized by the Chinese mainland. The management standard of ultrasonic knife is still in the gray area. At present, there are few real American ulthera ultrasonic scalpels. Even if you encounter a regular ultrasonic scalpel, the operator also needs to have a certain understanding of anatomy when performing ultrasonic scalpel, so as to avoid side effects and complications to a great extent.

Ultrasonic knife is not suitable for people

In addition to pregnant women, there are many people who can’t do ultrasonic scalpels. People with little skin fat and too much skin fat, people over the age of 70, and people with acne on their faces. Ultrasonic scalpels for patients with heart disease won’t have any obvious effect. There are great risks for some patients with heart disease and people with acne to do ultrasonic scalpels. To be more specific, because the skin of people with thin face is thin, the fascia can easily support the tissue of the face. Making an ultrasonic knife is tantamount to adding to the snake. If the elderly people have the ability to regenerate facial collagen, stimulating the fascia with an ultrasonic knife again will not increase the water content and collagen protein content of the newborn cells, and it will take longer for the elderly people to recover after making an ultrasonic knife. Therefore, these people do not make an ultrasonic knife, In order to avoid wasting money, we have to neglect our duty and bear ineffective and other potential risks.