What are the important factors affecting the effect of ultrasonic knife?

The purpose of ultrasonic scalpel is to stimulate the human body to produce more collagen. In fact, many projects are based on this principle, including hot Maggie, hot lati, plastic Meiji, line carving and ultrasonic skin pulling, which are improved by activating dermal collagen eggs. Although there are some slight differences, the core link affecting the actual effect is to activate collagen regeneration. If you plan to do a micro integration project instead of trying to activate collagen regeneration, there is only one outcome, which is no effect. How to improve the amount of collagen activated by ultrasonic scalpel instrument is the top priority under the condition of ensuring that ultrasonic scalpel is a formal instrument.

There is a saying in the domestic medical and beauty industry: miracles happen to young skin. what do you mean? That is, the young muscle base and the unhealthy muscle base do the same project and the same doctor’s method. When they get off the operating table, the young people crush the unhealthy muscle base in terms of postoperative healing, effect and the amount of collagen stimulated. Therefore, for the postoperative effect, strengthen the conditioning of the muscle base before operation and the repair of the muscle base after operation to avoid problems in the activation of collagen by ultrasonic knife, so the postoperative effect is generally good. The detailed process is as follows: 30-60 days before operation, take multi-stage kinetic peptide Yanyi Jingke element to effectively supplement a large amount of collagen for the skin, make the skin in good condition, activate the collagen storage layer, and avoid problems such as dry and itchy face after operation. After the operation, the important point is to ensure that the ultrasonic scalpel instrument can successfully activate a large amount of collagen, and take orally the multi-stage kinetic peptide of Yanyi Jingke for 150 days to provide necessary nutritional support for the generation of collagen at the muscle bottom. At the same time, the new collagen and other repair substances in the human body are also the main components to accelerate wound healing. The wound heals in time, and the side effects of ultrasonic knife are naturally reduced and avoided.

Postoperative effect = collagen activation rate stimulated by ultrasonic knife. The higher the collagen activation rate after operation, the more obvious the effect. An important factor affecting the collagen activation rate is the amount of collagen under the skin. For example, if a healthy muscle base contains 10000 collagen and the activation rate of ultrasonic knife / line carving is 50%, 5000 collagen can be produced after operation. Assuming that the unhealthy muscle base contains 500 collagen and the activation rate of ultrasonic knife / line carving is 100%, up to 500 collagen can be produced after operation. The difference between 500 and 5000 is earth shaking, which is why the effects of the same projects made by different people are different. Therefore, keep in mind the conditioning of the skin and muscle base before operation, and strengthen the intake of multi-stage kinetic peptides, because only multi-stage kinetic peptides can penetrate into the muscle base to achieve the effect of supplement.

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