What are the efficacy and contraindications of ultrasonic knife

How is it necessary to try the effect of ultrasonic knife on skin lovers? What is the effect of ultrasonic knife? Which people can’t do ultrasound knife?

Efficacy of ultrasonic knife

  1. Restore skin elasticity and firmness: the effect is realized by the reorganization and regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers stimulated by the energy of ultrasonic knife.
  2. Smooth facial wrinkles: it can remove various types of wrinkles, such as eye lines, legal lines, neck lines, corner of mouth lines, forehead lines, etc.
  3. Reshaping the young contour: with the effect of young contour, it can lift the loose part of the face, remove the excess fat on the face and fine the skin, so as to reshape the three-dimensional and compact v-face.
  4. Improve sagging tissue: it can comprehensively improve and tighten various sagging tissues, such as pouch, double chin, canthus sagging, eyelid sagging, cheek sagging, eyebrow sagging, etc.

However, the ultrasonic knife is not once and for all. Generally, the effect can last for about two years. If the daily maintenance is in place, the effect can last for 3-5 years. Since the ultrasonic scalpel needs manual operation, the treatment effect will be affected by the operator’s operation technology. It is recommended to seek experienced doctors for treatment.

Which people can’t do ultrasonic scalpel

  1. Uithera polar ultrasonic scalpel can not be used for wrinkle removal during pregnancy.
  2. Those with scar constitution or serious skin diseases in the treatment area.
  3. Those who have just injected subcutaneous filler are not suitable for epipolar ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal.
  4. The scope of epipolar ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal should not contain metal substances. For example, those who install cardiac rhythm device, female upper ring, gold teeth, etc., should be guided by doctors.