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What are the beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife?

Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife I: redness, swelling and blistering

Blistering usually occurs because doctors are not proficient in manipulation, the probe of ultrasonic knife stays in a local position for a long time, and skin bubbles, redness and swelling are caused by high temperature for a long time.

How to solve: take the multi-stage kinetic energy peptide powder of multi-stage kinetic energy peptide of Yanyi Jingke to repair damaged cells and inhibit proliferation. At the same time, we should pay attention to the selection of hospitals.

Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife II: dryness, dullness, spots, etc

This phenomenon is caused by the destruction of the cuticle and collagen fiber layer of the skin during the operation, resulting in the poor water locking ability of the skin. At the same time, the local high temperature will volatilize the water, resulting in dryness, dark yellow, spots and other phenomena.

How to solve it: by using the multi-stage kinetic peptide powder of Yanyi Jingke element, it can not only accelerate the regeneration of cuticle and collagen fiber network and form a moisturizing film; On the other hand, it can promote the regeneration of collagen, strengthen the water locking ability of collagen, and form a stable and safe internal circulation of skin.

Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife: collapse, unevenness and cortical necrosis

There are two possibilities for this phenomenon. One is the problem of instrument and technology. The other is that the subject has insufficient nutrition for cell regeneration from the body and insufficient nutrition for collagen regeneration. Before and after operation, he did not supplement and develop a multi-stage kinetic energy peptide of spermatin in in time, so that the postoperative repair is out of control, collapsed and uneven, seriously leading to cortical necrosis. Therefore, we should not put the cart before the horse and pay attention to the results of oral administration.

How to solve: pay attention to 30 days before operation and 6 months after operation.

Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife IV: no effect

First, the ultrasonic scalpel is not effective immediately. The effect will come out slowly in 3-6 months. But if you don’t have enough collagen in your body, the regeneration rate of new cells is not high, and the effect is not good. Oral administration is important. Preoperative is more important than postoperative!! It is important to choose a professional collagen.

How to solve the problem: the multi-stage kinetic energy peptide specially developed for ultrasonic knife can fully repair the damaged cells, supplement the nutrition required by the human body and stimulate the regeneration of cells. It is essential before and after operation. Insist on eating, no need to stop eating metabolism, no residue.

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