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What are the advantages of ultrasonic knife? Will there be radiation

Ultrasonic scalpel is a very effective wrinkle removal project at present. If you want to keep your skin young, lifting and wrinkle removal with ultrasonic scalpel is more effective. What are the advantages of ultrasonic scalpel?

What are the advantages of ultrasonic knife lifting wrinkle removal

  1. High accuracy. The ultrasonic scalpel uses a special surgical pen to divide the treatment area on the face, and uses a convex lens to focus the energy on the required treatment part, with high accuracy.
  2. High security. The ultrasonic scalpel directly acts on the SMAS layer of the skin with high-energy focused ultrasonic energy, which does not hurt the epidermis, no scar, colorless and heavy, and has high safety.
  3. One step. The ultrasonic knife can quickly remove wrinkles, tighten skin, lift and replenish water in one step, which is convenient and fast.

At present, ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal is a project that plays a deep role and maintains the effect for a long time in the clinical application equipment of medical beauty. One treatment only takes 60 ~ 90 minutes, and the effect is dominant and progressive. In principle, one treatment can maintain the wrinkle removal effect for 3-5 years.

Will ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal have radiation?

Ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal uses its probe to emit energy and act on the tissue deep in the skin. It acts on the SMAS fascia layer, focuses on heating, stimulates the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, and has the effect of lifting the skin and removing wrinkles. Ultrasonic scalpel is not a specific tool. It directly acts deep into the tissue through the epidermis, does no damage to the epidermis, and will not cause any hypothetical bleeding. Moreover, the ultrasonic energy of the ultrasonic knife for wrinkle removal and beauty is thermally transmitted from the inside to the outside, and the heat directly bypasses the epidermis without any risk of burns. Moreover, the ultrasonic knife adopts an accurate patented positioning index line, which has controllable energy, avoids damaging the facial nerve, and is more safe.