Ultrasonic knife beauty is suitable for once every few years

With the growth of age and the waste of time, women lose their original beauty when they are kissed by wrinkles without precaution. Fortunately, ultrasonic knife beauty appeared early, which helped many beauty loving women remove wrinkles and beauty. However, the beauty effect of ultrasonic knife also has a shelf life. So, how many years is ultrasonic knife beauty suitable for once?

Beauty principle of ultrasonic knife

According to experts, ultrasonic scalpel is a non-invasive rhytidectomy without surgery, and its effect is comparable to skin pulling surgery. The ultrasonic scalpel uses focused ultrasonic energy to act on the SMAS fascia layer to stimulate the contraction and regeneration of collagen, so as to make the skin firm and smooth and eliminate wrinkles. One treatment can achieve long-term wrinkle removal, skin firming and shaping effects.

Indications of ultrasonic scalpel:

Facial wrinkles, periocular wrinkles, lip wrinkles, neck wrinkles, eye bags, double chin, improve skin quality, tighten facial contour and restore skin elasticity.

How many years is ultrasonic scalpel beauty suitable for once?

Ultrasonic scalpel only needs one treatment to achieve long-term skin firming and wrinkle removal effect, so it does not need multiple treatments. After ultrasonic scalpel treatment, you can obviously feel that the skin has become tight. Within 3 ~ 6 months, collagen continues to regenerate, wrinkles are less and less, and the skin is smoother and smoother. The effect of ultrasonic knife can be maintained for 3 ~ 5 years. As long as it is strengthened regularly, it can remain young for a long time.

In short, it is necessary for doctors to comprehensively evaluate the facial skin condition before making an ultrasonic scalpel in a few years.

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