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Ultrasonic knife beauty beyond luxury?

The appearance of fine lines is due to the loss of collagen. Then, do you have to do ultrasonic knife once there are fine lines? What should we pay attention to when making ultrasonic knife?

  1. What parts do ultrasonic scalpels do?

At present, it mainly treats the face and neck.

Make up can be applied immediately after treatment. Moisturizing and sunscreen should be strengthened, and there will be no wound. If there is a slight redness, you can apply ice to reduce the redness, which will subside after about an hour.

  1. When is it better to make ultrasonic knife?

For women who love beauty, if they find that their skin has a slight relaxation, they can be treated early or as maintenance treatment.

Because the effect of 35 years old and 65 years old will be better. Because the vitality of collagen is better, it can naturally proliferate more collagen, and the pulling effect is obvious.

  1. How long can it last?

About 3 ~ 6 months after operation, the effect is obvious and can be maintained for 1.5 ~ 3 years. If you cooperate with the later maintenance, it will last longer.

Most beauty lovers only need one treatment to achieve the effects of tightening, lifting, wrinkle removal and shaping. Some beauty seekers with serious aging and relaxation can also increase the number of treatments as needed. But we must go to regular medical institutions to do it!

  1. Why didn’t it work?

Different types of ultrasonic knives

The American version of the ultrasonic knife is made early in the country and has been verified for a long time. The Korean version of the ultrasonic knife is later imitated and manufactured, and the effect is significantly different! Most of the domestic ultrasonic knives were imitated at the end of 2014, and the immediate effect may be, but the durability and safety of the effect are much lower than that of the American version, and maybe even the Korean version!

Technology is equally important

In addition to the different types of ultrasonic scalpels, the choice of doctors is also important! Do you think some doctors who haven’t figured out the principle and operation of ultrasonic scalpel can make perfect results for you? Or the skills of some doctors who work for three days are also worrying! Choosing a regular hospital and excellent doctors is the key to achieving perfect results!

  1. Who can’t do it?

At first glance, it seems that anyone can do it, but in fact, some people can’t do ultrasonic scalpels.

It is not recommended to do it before the age of 25. At this time, there is no obvious sagging of the skin.

In addition, people in the following situations cannot make ultrasonic scalpels:

(1) People who receive other laser treatment and fruit acid skin change within one week;

(2) Facial paralysis, pregnant women;

(3) Patients with immune system diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, epilepsy, abnormal blood coagulation and suspected skin cancer;

(4) people with heart disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism who have not yet healed surgical wounds.

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