Laser scar removal makes scars nowhere to hide

With the continuous development of medical technology, our scars and spots have nowhere to hide. Whether it is scar or various skin surface damaging diseases, it is an obstacle on our way to beauty. The advanced laser technology is our powerful weapon against them. Just, do you know about laser freckle removal?

Laser scar removal uses compound color light, also known as strong pulse light. Compound color light scar removal is applicable to superficial scars of epidermis or dermis, such as circular scars, stretch marks, linear scars, uneven suture scars, and small area atrophic scars. The principle of laser scar removal is to use different wavelengths of color light to selectively treat scar sites. By controlling the laser wavelength, different tissues and different degrees of scars can be repaired without damaging skin tissues. When the laser irradiates the skin, it will penetrate into the subcutaneous layer and turn the scar tissue from particles to powder until it is absorbed and removed by the cells. The fresh hypertrophic scar will flatten, soften, and the blood vessel congestion will disappear. The scar will change from deep to shallow and from shallow to No.

Due to the variety of scars, there are special surgical methods for each kind of scar. Laser scar removal is a good method for mild scar patients. It is highly targeted. Different scars have different color light wavelengths. Obvious effects can be seen when removing scars at one time. It can solve skin problems more carefully. It is a popular scar removal method at present. It has no surgery, less bleeding, less trauma, less pain, and short recovery time. At the same time, it also avoids many shortcomings of chemotherapy, and the process does not even need local anesthesia.

After laser scar removal, you will feel local numbness and disappear after waiting for a period of time. A few days after treatment, there may be redness, swelling and exudation in the treatment area. When the redness subsides, there will be scar skin. At this time, it must be noted that the scar skin cannot be forcibly removed. After 1 ~ 2 weeks, the scar skin will fall off naturally and the wound will heal. Antibiotics can be taken after treatment. Keep the treatment site clean within 2 weeks after operation to avoid the stimulation of sunshine and sand.

The above is a brief introduction to laser freckle removal that Xiaobian took you to know. If you have the above scar problems, you can consult a professional doctor in detail, so that your scar can never be hidden.