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Is facial swelling normal after ultrasonic scalpel operation

Is face swelling normal after ultrasonic scalpel operation? Ultrasonic scalpel surgery is a facial cosmetic surgery that many beauty lovers have successfully tried. The firming and wrinkle removal effect of the surgery is indeed recognized, but some side effects are inevitable. Some beauty lovers may have facial swelling after surgery. So what causes facial swelling?

Is face swelling normal after ultrasonic scalpel operation?

If the swelling of the face does not subside for more than 3 days after the completion of the ultrasonic knife, the dermatologist must be consulted in time for the repair after the ultrasonic knife operation, so as to prevent more serious reactions.

What are the causes of face swelling after ultrasonic scalpel operation?

  1. The doctor’s operation is not standard

The doctor’s technique is not skilled, so that the RF probe stays at a certain part for too long in the process of ultrasonic knife, or the temperature is too high, resulting in excessive heat damage to the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in the swelling of the face after the above ultrasonic knife.

  1. There are hidden dangers in disinfection

Slight swelling on the face after ultrasonic scalpel is the manifestation of skin rejection reaction, but it is also related to the failure to disinfect the ultrasonic scalpel probe in time in the place where ultrasonic scalpel is implemented. Generally, under the standardized operation of relevant professional doctors, it is not easy for beauty seekers to complete facial swelling.

  1. Non genuine ultrasonic knife instrument

If the ultrasonic scalpel instrument used by the beauty seeker is a fake version or a high imitation version, then this ultrasonic scalpel instrument can not feed back the energy in time. In addition, the fake and high imitation ultrasonic scalpels can not feed back the thickness of the recipient’s facial skin in time and can not automatically adjust the energy.

What should we pay attention to after ultrasonic knife

  1. One month after ultrasonic scalpel surgery, you can’t take a hot spring, do high-temperature yoga, take a sauna, or go in and out of the high-temperature environment.
  2. The subject should avoid cleaning with overheated and supercooled water within three days after ultrasonic scalpel operation. Generally, it is OK to clean with warm water.
  3. Beauty seekers also need to prohibit strenuous exercise. Although the ultrasonic knife does not leave a wound on the skin surface, the high temperature will affect the repair time of the skin. In addition, it is also unfavorable for people with swollen face after the ultrasonic knife.
  4. because the ultrasonic knife will destroy the hyaluronic acid moisturizing layer, a lot of people feel the abnormal facial dryness after the ultrasonic knife last night. Therefore, people who seek beauty need to do moisturizing every day to promote the recovery after ultrasonic knife surgery, and another two times a week for extra maintenance.

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