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How to make the beauty effect of ultrasonic knife better

Ultrasonic scalpel can solve a variety of skin problems in skin beauty. Many beauty seekers may have heard of ultrasonic scalpel, but they don’t know much about ultrasonic scalpel. Today, let’s talk about ultrasonic scalpel.

Principle of beauty:

Beauty is to transmit high-energy focused ultrasonic energy to the skin dermis and SMAS fascia layer in a non-invasive way, so as to immediately tighten the collagen in the dermis, continuously stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, reshape the collagen structure, lift the loose and sagging tissue, and achieve the effect of skin firming and wrinkle removal.

During the treatment, the energy temperature is very high, which can greatly stimulate the regeneration of collagen. In addition, it adopts the “positioning index line”, and the energy directly passes through the epidermis, and the energy acting on the deep tissue is more uniform and non-invasive. There is no need to heat the epidermis, which effectively protects the surface skin. Therapeutic probes with different depths can be selected according to the needs of beauty seekers, and the treatment is more personalized.

The treatment does not require surgery, so there will be no wound. There will be no pain in the process, and there is no need for recovery period. Go as you go. Easily solve the problems of skin relaxation, sagging, wrinkles and so on.

However, in order to achieve better therapeutic effect and ensure safety, there are some matters that need to be paid attention to:

Before treatment, in order to avoid the risk of scald, do not do wire embedding promotion within 6 to 12 months; Do not do photoelectric therapy such as dot matrix laser or autologous fat filling within 3 months before treatment; Do not do photon rejuvenation, white porcelain doll and other non-invasive photoelectric therapy within 1 month before treatment.

After treatment, avoid supercooling or overheating of face washing water on the night after treatment; Do not use irritant skin care products within one week after treatment, use sunscreen above SPF30 and do a good job in sunscreen; Do not do strenuous exercise, do not go to sauna, perm and dye your hair, and try to avoid smoking, drinking, spicy diet, etc. half a year after treatment.

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