How should the skin barrier be repaired when it is damaged

When the skin cells after HIFU facelift machine cannot metabolize normally, the cuticle cannot recover itself. So how to replenish water is not good, that’s why.

In fact, the damaged stratum corneum does not pass through all substances trying to pass through it. It has its own preferences. Eat more of what you like and don’t touch what you hate. At this time, the damaged stratum corneum needs the intervention of internal and external two-way bimolecular structure acmetea. After the intervention, the difference in permeability can reach 400 times, 400 times active VC enters the stratum corneum through the internal and external bimolecular phospholipid structure, which can help the skin establish its own barrier function more quickly and quickly recover the damaged stratum corneum!

International CRE who clinical verification: after acmetea4 weeks, the adhesion of cuticle, hydrophilicity, skin hydration reaction and subcutaneous moisturizing factor are directly penetrated through the skin surface membrane, and the number of skin moisturizing factors in the repair cuticle from inside to outside is 60 times as much as before. At the same time, the stratum corneum is an infiltration barrier and thermal barrier. HIFU facelift machine can induce inflammatory reaction. After repair, the stratum corneum can play its bonding role to ensure its integrity, so as to solve the problem of redness and swelling.

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