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How much is the price of ultrasonic scalpel operation?

The price of ultrasonic knife is affected by many factors, including:

Take the face as the column, it will be between 3K and 58000.

Ultrasonic knife equipment: American ultrasonic knife is more expensive, followed by Korean ultrasonic knife and domestic ultrasonic knife. Because the American version of ultrasonic knife is more effective, the price is more expensive.

Who made it for you? The formal is done by doctors qualified as beauty doctors. Researchers are better, and beauticians are also good at it.

Physical therapy places: the price of formal hospitals and medical and beauty institutions is much higher than that of beauty salons.

Parts: ultrasound knife anti-aging of the whole body: face, back tightening repair, chest adjustment, waist and abdomen shaping, hip shaping, leg shaping, removing butterfly sleeves and repairing mild stretch marks. Different parts, different prices. In addition, there is a wide difference in natural prices between parts and the whole body.

Repair nutrition: ultrasonic scalpel is a physiotherapy process of internal and external two-way knot and external stimulation of self repair function. In order to ensure the self nutrition supply of collagen activated by ultrasonic scalpel in the later stage, oral multi-stage kinetic peptide yan-jingke can provide necessary nutritional support for the generation of collagen at the muscle bottom. In this case, the overall price is also much more expensive.

When the ultrasonic knife first came out, the price was relatively expensive. At present, the market competition is relatively strong. All businesses fight a price war, and the overall price trend goes down. It will be cheaper and cheaper in the future, but at present, some prices are exaggerated to 7-10w. On the whole, avoid too cheap ultrasonic knife, because the cost of regular consumables of ultrasonic knife is also very high.

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