How about removing wrinkles on the face with ultrasonic knife

The passage of time has left a mark on our skin. Wrinkles are perplexing every beauty lover. It is necessary to remove wrinkles in order to restore a young face. Ultrasonic scalpel is an excellent technology for facial wrinkle removal. So, how about using ultrasonic scalpel to remove wrinkles on the face? Let’s see how plastic surgery experts introduce it.

How about removing wrinkles on the face with ultrasonic knife

How about removing wrinkles on the face with ultrasonic knife?

According to experts, the ultrasonic scalpel is a new anti-aging technology, with a treatment depth of 1.5 ~ 4.5 mm. It can act on the SMAS fascia layer, which is the key to lifting when pulling the skin. With focused ultrasonic energy, the ultrasonic knife can act under the skin at a temperature of 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, effectively stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, lift and tighten the facial skin, and achieve a long-term wrinkle removal effect with only one treatment.

Ultrasonic scalpel can instantly smooth wrinkles, such as forehead lines, eye lines, legal lines, corner of mouth lines and neck lines. It can also improve sagging tissue, tighten eye bags, double chins, relax cheeks and sagging corners of eyes, and reshape young contour. Ultrasonic scalpel can also stimulate collagen reorganization and regeneration, making skin delicate, shiny and elastic. One time treatment with ultrasonic scalpel can achieve obvious rejuvenation effect. Collagen continues to regenerate within 3 ~ 6 months after treatment, and the effect can be maintained for up to 5 years.

Focused ultrasound energy is used for facial wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife. The energy is skimming the epidermis directly to the deep layer of the skin. There is no need to heat the epidermis, so there is no need to worry about epidermal injury! The ultrasonic scalpel can treat the SMAS fascia layer that can only be reached by surgical skin pulling in a non-invasive way, which greatly breaks through the previous restrictions. The temperature is about 65 ℃ – 70 ℃. It is suitable for the effective denaturation of collagen. The original energy positioning index line makes the operation safer and more comfortable without damaging the skin.

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