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HIFU Korea machine back face feel numb how is it?

Before I went to do HIFU Korea machine, I was very nervous before I did it, and I was more worried after I finished it! After the ultrasonic scalpel, my face felt numb and didn’t feel much. After resting at home for a few days, my face was still numb and didn’t improve at all. I went to the hospital for review. The doctor said I had nerve injury! I really don’t know what to do. Fortunately, the doctor said that my injury is not serious, and good care can recover. Some beauty lovers may have the same problem of numbness in the back of HIFU Korea machine as me. How to solve this problem?

If the beauty lover is young, has a thin face and has no meat on his face, he is likely to have face pain after ultrasonic knife. This is because the ultrasonic knife has a deep impact on the skin and will heat the subcutaneous tissue from inside to outside. People with thin skin will also have a strong sense of numbness and swelling when making the ultrasonic knife. Therefore. People with very little facial fat and thin face are not suitable for ultrasonic knife. Doing ultrasonic knife is likely to have sequelae of face pain and numbness.

Some other institutions will cause nerve injury due to improper operation. In this case, we can solve the problem by orally supplementing some cell nutrition. Acme-tea has strong regeneration ability for damaged cells, so it can proliferate and differentiate from the same kind of cells around the injury and completely restore the original structure and function.

However, it should be remembered that collagen should not be taken orally before and after the operation. If excessive collagen cannot be decomposed and absorbed in the human body, it will accumulate in the body, resulting in abnormal proliferation of collagen tissue in the body, resulting in uneven, subcutaneous necrosis and other side effects.

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