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Common methods of laser hair removal

As the saying goes, if you don’t lose weight in April, you will feel sad in May. Xiaobian follows the set: no depilation in spring, leaving troubles in summer. Indeed, in the colorful and refreshing summer, if you want to wantonly play with sleeveless, you must do a good job of hair removal. Nowadays, there are many hair removal methods, among which laser hair removal is the most popular surgical plastic method. With its permanent hair removal and no pain, it is widely favored by beauty loving women. With the development of medical science and technology, there are many laser hair removal methods, mainly including the following three types:

1、 Freezing point laser hair removal

Freezing point laser depilation is a very fashionable laser depilation skill, which is favored by many women. The results of freezing point laser depilation are permanent, with clear results, fast operation speed, little pain, eternal depilation, no reaction to human body, no impact on skin straightness, and very suitable for yellow people with very clear color differences between skin and hair.

2、 Compound color light depilation

Composite color light will remove hair forever without suffering. The whole process is only a few minutes, and there is nothing to feel. Generally, after three to four times of treatment, the hairs on the arms, armpits and legs can be completely eliminated. Composite color laser hair removal is based on the principle of thermal dynamics. The light beam emitted by the photon head will penetrate the hair follicle epithelium, hair papilla and melanin in the hair follicle on the surface of the skin. These melanins selectively receive laser energy, and the heat generated will constitute a part of the instantaneous high temperature, destroy the hair stem and hair follicle, hinder and terminate the development of hair, and then achieve the goal of permanent hair removal.

3、 Photon forever hair removal

Photon immortality depilation applies the principle of photopyrolysis of strong pulse light source to heat hair follicles, and then selectively destroy hair follicles, which can prevent damage to adjacent tissues, and then achieve the result of hair removal. Hair follicles contain a lot of melanin cells. Photon forever hair removal uses light that is particularly sensitive to hair follicle melanin cells and does not damage the normal epidermis. The light is received by the hair stem and melanin in the hair follicles and converted into heat energy, and then increases the hair follicle temperature. When the temperature rises to a high enough level, the hair follicle structure is irreversibly destroyed, and the damaged hair follicles are removed after a natural psychological process, And then reach the goal of permanent hair removal.

These are the three most popular laser hair removal methods, especially for those female friends who have been troubled by hirsutism all the year round. Unlike other manual hair removal methods, it is painless and permanent, and is loved and respected by beauty loving women. However, Xiaobian still wants to remind everyone that since it is a kind of surgical plastic surgery, it is still a prerequisite to have a regular plastic surgery institution.