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Causes of facial pain after ultrasonic scalpel

Ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal is a good way. Will there be pain in the back of ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal? What are the causes of facial pain when doing ultrasonic scalpel?

The face hurts after the ultrasonic knife is finished, because it is not suitable for ultrasonic knife

If the beauty lover is young and has a thin face and no meat on his face, he is likely to suffer from facial pain after the ultrasonic knife is completed. This is because the ultrasonic knife has a deep impact on the skin, which will heat the subcutaneous tissue from inside to outside. People with thin skin will also have a strong sense of numbness and swelling when making the ultrasonic knife. Therefore. People with very little facial fat and thin face are not suitable for ultrasonic scalpel. Doing ultrasonic scalpel is likely to have sequelae of facial pain and numbness.

The face hurts after the ultrasonic knife is finished, because the ultrasonic knife instrument is not genuine

The pain in the face after the ultrasonic knife is finished is related to the poor quality of the ultrasonic knife instrument in many cases. What many beauty lovers do not know is that the machines used in the ultrasonic knife projects of many beauty salons and some medical institutions in the mainland are fake or highly imitated ultrasonic knife instruments. Ulthera has no agent in China. Excluding the factor of smuggling, a large number of ultrasonic knives in mainland China are high imitation or fake American ultrasonic knives. The fake ultrasound knife has no image and image feedback of the thickness of facial tissue. When releasing the ultrasound, there is no feedback and regulation mechanism of the genuine ultrasound knife. When the beauty lover with sensitive skin makes the ultrasound knife, it is likely to cause the beauty lover to have face pain.

Face pain after ultrasonic scalpel due to improper operation

A big factor for beauty lovers’ face pain after the ultrasonic knife is completed is that the operator operated the machine in the wrong way at that time. In order to make the subject see the immediate effect after the ultrasonic knife is completed in time, the operator operated at the same part at high temperature for many times, which led to excessive heat energy in one part, resulting in the feeling of face pain and facial numbness. Therefore, when doing the genuine ultrasonic scalpel project, we must not take it lightly. We should check whether the doctor has the doctor’s qualification certificate and practicing doctor’s certificate. If you encounter the so-called foreign expert, don’t forget to ask him for the short-term practicing license of foreign doctors, and we also need to verify whether it is fake. Even a regular ultrasonic scalpel requires the operator to have a certain understanding of the anatomy of the chest, so as to avoid the occurrence of face pain and other complications after the completion of the ultrasonic scalpel to a great extent. Remind you that for your own safety, you must not choose to go to a beauty salon when making an ultrasonic knife.