Can ultrasonic knife go to pouch

When you look into someone’s eyes, you can express your love. When you stare into a person’s eyes, you will inevitably notice the parts around his eyes. If he has bags under his eyes or dark circles under his eyes, it will reduce a lot of points. Oh, there are many ways to remove bags under his eyes. Let’s talk about removing bags under his eyes with ultrasonic knife.

The formation of pouch is due to the enlargement of fat particles in the orbit, which supports the membrane wall surrounding the three groups of fat in the pouch, making the pouch protrude and look swollen and large.

Ultrasonic scalpel eye bag removal is a non-invasive and traceless eye bag removal operation. In the process of operation, there will be no side effects and sequelae, and it will not affect work and life. The feeling of operation is like massage. The time is not long, about 20 minutes. The main thing is that there will be no scars.

Ultrasonic scalpel to remove eye bags is the use of advanced ultrasonic technology, which uses the “cavitation effect” and “resonance effect” of ultrasonic scalpel to remove eye bags. Firstly, determine the size and position and the relationship with the nerves and blood vessels of the eyeball, locate the pouch and display it on the computer screen for easy observation, and then massage in vitro through the instrument vibration mode to reduce the fat volume in the orbital septum of the pouch, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating the pouch. This is a thorough treatment of Dermatology, which needs to be carried out once. It is a long-term treatment method that is not easy to rebound. You need to pay attention to rest after operation. The recovery time is very fast, which generally takes about 4-10 days. However, this method is expensive and has no therapeutic effect on people over the age of 35 and those with loose skin around the pouch.