Advantages and disadvantages of medical laser lipolysis

The advantages of laser lipolysis are as follows:

Only 1mm needling wound is required, no operation is required, and there is no obvious scar.

Only a small amount of local anesthesia is needed to reduce the risk of overdose. It is suitable to be carried out in the clinic. The process is painless and you can go home on the same day.

The risk of blood loss and hematoma is less, because the laser can coagulate the blood vessels during liposuction and stop bleeding at the same time.

It is more effective for flabby skin and orange peel fat than traditional liposuction, because laser can stimulate subcutaneous collagen tissue reorganization and increase the ability of skin contraction and recovery of elasticity after operation.

The effect of fat removal at the treatment site was uniform.

It is suitable for eliminating small and medium-sized excess fat in various parts of the body, such as double chin, neck, back, arms, male breast enlargement, abdomen, waist, hips, inside and outside of thighs, knees and calves.

The parts with a small amount of fat accumulation, such as cheeks, double chins, neck, knees, arms and legs, are especially suitable for choosing not to remove the laser melted fat, so as to reduce trauma and shorten the recovery time.

Side effects of laser lipolysis

Muscle injury syndrome

It is due to the fat dissolving injury to the muscle layer under the deep fascia, especially the leg, which can break the muscle fibers and cause bleeding. The bleeding is not easy to be discharged. The pressure in the fascia cavity increases and oppresses the nerves and blood vessels, which can affect the nerve and muscle functions, resulting in serious pain and limited activity function. This is often due to lack of operating experience and rough movements. If this kind of fat dissolving side effect occurs, it should be treated by a doctor immediately.

Seroma and hematoma

It is mainly caused by insufficient pressure or falling off of pressure and blocked drainage after operation. Once it occurs, it can only be drained and bandaged again.

Fat dissolving and weight loss is a very ideal method. There is no need for surgery. Just make a tiny needle eye and probe the fat dissolving needle into the softening and decomposition to achieve the effect of weight loss. Generally, as long as the operation is normal, there will be no problems, and there will be no side effects of fat dissolving and weight loss. However, there are many irregular medical and beauty institutions that do not have fat dissolving technology at all and treat them indiscriminately, resulting in the following side effects of fat dissolving:


This is caused by skin ischemia due to large damage and too thin dissolved fat cells, especially in the legs and abdomen. The left stone usually subsides half a year after operation, but a small number of patients with intractable pigmentation can be improved only by chemical and physical treatment. There are very few people who have hypopigmentation after operation, which is difficult to deal with.